Changing the game

We are a group of inspired individuals who believe in the power of innovation and connection to move humanity forward.

We combine the power of the community, with advances made possible by technology and the raw power of entrepreneurship to make impossible possible.


Change surrounds us, but we don’t always think about where it comes from or how it got to us. The way we live and connect with the world will determine everything from the future of nature to our health.

What we believe in.

Everything that we call life is made of people who are not smarter than you. You can shape it and you can change it.

Stay curious

Connecting and actively learning from others is the way we'll define the next humanity.

Be respectful

Compassion and presence are at the core of who we are. It's our nature.

Do good work

We believe that a life well spent is one in which we work to make the planet a better place.

B Living Team

Trained to be Ninja

Our team makes all the difference!

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