A campus designed by innovators for innovators

Build, co-create and innovate with large scale institutions who need the help of innovators.

Together we can create

innovation that radically

moves things.



Meet us at the Atrium

A central heart to the community, the Atrium is the central launch pad where people live and aggregate and where ideas are launched. Connecting the three campus buildings this is a dynamic space where the people meet, get inspired and collaborate.

Join your neighbours for a live event or a coffee.

Octagon by B Living Atrium Open Spaces

Human Spaces, private open or flexible

State of the art open and private spaces to bring innovation forward designed to focus, connect, relax and create a community.

Looking for a conference space? Find at Octagon fully equiped Meeting Rooms from 5 to 40 people and the Auditorium for events over for 160 people.



We love food and we love to share

Designed for inclusion and sharing, the Octagon Coffee comes with a healthy selection of food and a great place to enjoy with others. For lunch, enjoy a large buffet of raw vegetables or hot dishes made with seasonal and homemade products. Vegetarian dishes, gluten-free and lactose-free dishes are also available.

A partnership with Genecand to make you feel at home.

Focus on wellbeing

Enjoy the fitness & wellbeing room, group courses, fully equipped with changing rooms and showers.

Coming soon


Join Octagon by B living

Be part of a vibrant ecosystem of innovators

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Located in Le Grand Saconnex Geneva, Octagon is set to become a landmark campus of the International Geneva Ecosystem: at the intersection of the UN community, the Arc Lemanique, and Geneva Airport.

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